Crisis Communication in Italy

During times of crisis, an organization’s communication strategy is formed based on two contrasting approaches. Primarily, many organization’s believe they are immune to crisis and the possibility of an attack by the media. On the other hand, the remainder of organization’s are aware of the possibility that adversity may strike and, as a result, have put adequate risk management procedures in place. Nonetheless, most organizations are often ill prepared to manage their appearance in the media during crisis situations.

Since 2000, DAG Communication has been assisting organizations with the preparation of adequate crisis prevention plans and management of crisis communication. Together with the client, DAG will assess the potential vulnerabilities, set up appropriate communication tools and provide training to those members of the company who will be speaking to the media. By taking these actions, all representatives of the company, from the CEO or Receptionist, to the HR Director or Plant Supervisor, will be equiped to address all problems presented.

Due to privacy agreements, we are unable to publish a list of our clients for this specific service. However, we have provided a few links below in order to further outline the many services DAG Communication offers in relation to crisis communication management:

  • Crisis Team setup
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Crisis Plan implementation
  • Crisis simulation
  • Assistance in case of crisis