Corporate Blog & Content Marketing


Having a corporate blog is hard and doing it in Italy is even harder in terms of getting the right tone of voice and building an audience while keeping readers engaged.

Blogs are essential parts of most social media programs and they are often the center of content marketing campaign:  the blog is the hub of different other channels and content formats as Facebook post, Twitter post, Linkedin post.

If the content are value driven can be gathered and publush as an e-book or instant book that can be used aslo as media relations news.

We can project, design and edit a corporate blog, focused on Italian market, serving multiple potential marketing goals

  • Driving awareness.
  • Providing the information – prospective – buyers need across their journey.
  • Engage various target audiences, including journalists, for instance.
  • Branding (all touchpoints have an important branding dimension).
  • Generating leads (and managing them).
  • Relationship building.
  • PR, be it in a non-traditional sense.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Feedback and listening.
  • Community marketing.
  • Driving traffic, subscriptions and registrations

We managed in the last 20 years both BtoC and BtoB blog such as: