Social media have become one of the main means through which it is possible to raise awareness and respect for the environment and reach not only the Z generation but also millennials, i.e., those born after 1980: in fact, the latest data say that the under-40s in Italy now desert classic TV in favor of streaming platforms, and even when they read news online on major news channels (and not on print versions!), they actually do so for a residual amount of time compared to the hours spent on Instagram and TikTok.

This is why influencers can also be so crucial for companies to communicate sustainability, environmental and inclusion projects.

However, it is necessary to be able to identify the profiles that really espouse these messages: there are those who share their low-impact living experiences, those who offer advice on sustainable tourism, those who have launched eco-sustainable brands in fashion and cosmetics, those who have abandoned their cars and chosen to travel only by bicycle, and those who experiment with zero-waste recipes.

Green influencers and “Genuinfluencers”: a revolution in the world of influencers

Green influencers are a real revolution from the classic influencers, who for so long have shown us their perfect and extraordinary lives, floating in political correctness and totally “light” topics or on the contrary attracting clicks and followers by focusing on extreme or divisive images or comments.

Instead, these new influencers fall into the category of “Genuinfluencers,” a term coined in 2021 by the American company WGSN, which refers to influencers who have no commercial purpose but are engaged in information and outreach on specific issues.
Green influencers are well-informed, communicate in an authentic and sustainable way, and through their powerful storytelling succeed in raising awareness of thousands of people every day.

30 green influencers to communicate sustainability

Even in Italy there are very interesting profiles that could support the spread and visibility of companies’ sustainability projects: some with almost a million followers, others with smaller but very targeted followings, others are mini or micro-influencers who could share a story of yours with their friends…

We made a survey for you and selected 30 profiles that might inspire you…. curious to know who they are? Download the 30 fact sheets with details about each one for free!

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