Italian event celebrating pop culture will take place Nov. 24-26 at Rho Fieramilano

The event with an international scope dedicated to video games, eSports, board games, comics, manga and the world of animation is back. With the 2023 edition, Milan Games Week & Cartoomics aims to become the main attraction at the European level for pop-culture fans and transforms into MGWCMX: the event “designed” on Generation Z.

There are many new features anticipating an epic event, first and foremost the relocation of the kermesse to new spaces within the traditional Rho Fieramilano exhibition center, for a total of 38,000 sq. m. of entertainment, with as much as 8,000 sq. m. more than the last edition. An even more spectacular and accessible experience, distributed in as many as 4 pavilions that will welcome the public of fans in total comfort and safety, allowing everyone to explore the many areas optimized to ensure visitors can easily follow all the attractions.

The 2022 edition of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, which for the first time occupied 4 pavilions of the Milan fairgrounds, offering much more space to adults and children moved by their nerd and geek passions, recorded the sale of more than 105,000 tickets – in a sign of the event’s growth path already traced by the previous edition.

Italian Esports Awards at Milan Games Week 2023

The MGWCMX 2023 event will have eSports as its main protagonists, with a dedicated area called Esportshow that will host the most competitive teams and the most prestigious tournament organizers in Italy. This area, expanded from the previous edition, will offer the opportunity to watch exciting matches played by the best Italian players. An important novelty this year is the God Wager All Stars, an event organized by creator Moonryde: during the weekend, the most talented national and international Call of Duty Warzone players will compete in adrenaline-filled challenges that will keep the audience with bated breath until the last shot. In addition, an exclusive event dedicated to eSports fans will not be missing: for the first time at MGWCMX 2023, the Italian Esports Awards will be held, an awards ceremony celebrating the teams and personalities that have distinguished themselves the most during the year in the Italian eSports scene.

The eSports Market

With dedicated stadiums, worldwide tournaments, and millions of users following each match, eSports have reached a peak of resonance equal to, if not even greater in some countries than, traditional sports. Competitive gaming has made its way into the everyday lives of younger viewers, becoming a true phenomenon whose growth and popularity seem unstoppable. The number of sponsors is increasing along with the revenue generated by the competitions that take place among the top teams in the industry, generating ever-increasing revenues. Leading the bandwagon are Asia and North America.

Currently, the eSports market is experiencing steady growth. Figures released by the Italian Esports Observatory for 2023 speak of about 4.9 million players in Italy. As a result, the reach of creators and streamers publishing videos or live on platforms such as Twitch and other similar portals is also increasing. The calculated CAGR for 2030 is 21.5 percent, and the industry as a whole will come to be worth about $6.75 billion.

Several bookmakers and large companies such as Red Bull, Mastercard, Telecom, or soccer teams, such as Verona, Roma, or Inter, to name the Italian formations, have already invested in eSports.

Participate in Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2023

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics will be held on Nov. 24, 25 and 26 at Rho Fieramilano in Pavilions 9, 11, 13 and 15. The agenda of all events, guest list and tickets, with different options tailored to the needs of each participant, are available at