For more than 70 years, Wollman Rink has been a unique skating venue in New York City and an icon of the holiday season for New Yorkers, American and international tourists.
Located in the heart of Central Park, the rink is dedicated to the advancement of all communities to the celebration of different cultures.

Managed by Wollman Park Partners, in addition to ice skating, the rink this year will feature live, neighborhood and community events and arts programming.
On December 3, U.S. broadcaster 106.7 Lite FM will present a very special day with entertainment and offer the first 500 participants the chance to skate for free.

Starting in November, the event will be promoted on station 106.7 Lite FM in the morning program In The Morning Show (one of the most watched). It will be hosted by the show’s two stars, the Cubby Bryant and Christine Nagy, as well as influencers Helen Little, Rich Kaminski and Delyla. It will, in addition, also be broadcast on various digital channels of the radio station (website, social, podcast).

106.7 Lite FM, part of the iHeart Group, is the most-watched station in New York City, reaching an average of more than 8.8 million adults in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, encompassing all age groups between 18 and 64.

Visibility opportunities for companies

At such a highly anticipated event, the visibility opportunities for companies are numerous. In particular:

  • Chocolate bar where hot chocolate will be served, sponsoring the whole bar or mugs where chocolate will be served;
  • A branded and fully customized ice sculpture will create an unforgettable and “Instagrammable” moment;
  • The Ice Synchronized Dance show, will feature a chance to award prizes to the best athletes;
  • Ad hoc tasting initiatives, raffles with prizes for those in attendance or radio listeners following the initiative during the day;
  • The promotion of their brand within the radio program schedule in the moments related to the event with radio announcements, live mentions during programs before and during the event, sponsorship of content on the website and related social channels, and ad hoc initiatives carried out with influencers involved in the project.