Blogger Relations & Corporate Blog in Italy

With the world of PR being transformed by the Internet as well as the availability of broadband and smartphones blogger relations in Italy is always more and more important.

At DAG Communication, we believe that new trends linked to blogging and social media have the potential to increase the value of PR activities. Blog posts have the potential to reach a higher number of users than your traditional forms of media while also generating consent  among readers. With this said, why struggle to publish a piece of news on a national newspaper when the opinion of an influential blogger can count for much more.

Why not find a PR agency who can connect you with influential bloggers? New connections with these bloggers will allow your company to see a real change in the number and variety of audiences you can attract.

In the past, key audiences were journalists and stakeholders; today we need to add influential bloggers, user associations of social networks, and end users in general. What does this mean? It means a great deal of extra work and the need to develop new areas of expertise. Additional connections will allow your company to interact with new and various types of audiences through the use of new media and emerging tools.

With these transformations having such a strong impact on media communication, we ask “is it better to publish an article on a paper magazine or post a message on an influential blog?” We don’t believe there is one correct answer to this question. According to a study published by Harvard *, only 18% of all users are active bloggers (i.e. users who regularly posts comments on their blog). Even with such a small percentage, this group greatly influences the remaining population of the web. It is estimated that over 60% of all web users visit blogs and social network sites (and can be influenced by them). As a result, building strong and positive relationships with influential bloggers is critical.

DAG Communication can create an opportunity for your company to create these connections through the following actions:

  • Identifying the blogger community relevant to your company’s or institution’s sector of activity
  • Develop good relationships with the most influential groups of bloggers for each sector of interest
  • Create and manage a corporate blog in order to communicate directly with your audiences and with other bloggers
  • Monitor results with a comprehensive and regular reporting system updated daily

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