Health & Pharmaceutical PR Agency

In the Press Office for Health and Pharmaceutical sector, DAG Communication has shown experience and specialized skills in the Pharmaceutical idustry, Health and Biomedical.

DAG has built close relationships with their clients over the years in order to process communication projects, create product visibility, and adhering to the values of the each company specifically. DAG Communication presents the capability for their clients to gain recognition in their target market through the following activities.

Those who provide service in the health sector including, health facilities, private and public, pharmaceutical companies and many others, are forced to take everything related to communication very seriously.

The ability to manage communication with all individuals successfully in this sector, from internal communication to the end user, or communication with media to those who cater to credit instiutions, creates trust with partners. This trust is vital during any potential crisis situation.

DAG Communication has worked alongside many instutions through a number of situations including managing media relations, crisis communication, events, presentation of products and websites within this sector.

DAG Communication places a particular focus on their clients staff training (management and staff) in the areas of both crisis and non crisis communication.

Health & Pharmaceutical PR Agency Services


  • PR Strategy: we suggest an effective PR strategy for the Italian market and further develop it into a clearly detailed PR activity and budget plan.
  • Audience and Media Targeting: we identify our clients key target audiences and key target media.
  • Media Information: we research, write and enhance basic Italian media information – including fact sheets, background articles and more.
  • Press Kits: we edit, design, produce and distribute Italian press kits.
  • Press Releases: we create, write and distribute press releases among the Italian media.
  • Story Exposés: we research, write and pitch stories.
  • Virtual Press Office: we build and maintain virtual press offices as 24-hour access points for up-to-date and in-depth Italian media information about our clients.
  • Relations Building: we establish and cultivate constructive relationships with leading journalists and bloggers in Italy.
  • Press Tour: we organize individual and group press tours at our customers’ production facilities.
  • Websites: we create professional and engaging websites for the Health and Pharmaceutical sector.
  • Brochures: we produce brochures related to the company and its proucts.

In addition we also offer:


  • Reporting: we closely document all PR activities, budget use and media coverage.
  • Alliances: we forge cooperative alliances with industry partners to facilitate joint marketing activities.
  • Tradeshow PR: we organise and execute media relations activities at the most important trade fairs in Italy.
  • Special events: we create and produce special promotional and media events in Italy.
  • Newsletters: we produce and distribute consumer and business newsletters for the Italian-speaking market.
  • Copywriting: we deliver high-end translations into Italian and original copywriting for promotional material.
  • Social Media Marketing: we manage the social channels of our customers by creating quality editorial content.
  • Contests: we organize contests for our customers.

Health & Pharmaceutical Customers and References