The Company

Kleresca® aspires to change the principles of dermatology. The innovative Bio Photonic technology is a unique approach to define new dermatological standards for patients on an international level. Kleresca® is based in Dublin and build on the scientific patrimony of LEO Pharma and KLOX Technologies. The Company is registered as FB Dermatology and is currently expanding into ten new regional markets: Australia, Italy, Spain, French, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Activities and Results

DAG Communication worked on the communication for Kleresca, especially for the launch of the Rosacea treatment for the Italian market, through national and local press releases.

One of the first steps was to initiate a survey with 1000 people, on the relationship of Italians with their own skin with a focus on imperfections that are caused by acne and wrinkles. The informational outcome has been further used to create content for press releases.

Additionally, DAG operated collaborations with journalists and influencers that were invited to test the treatments of Kleresca® in person. The test was then followed by publications in journals, newspapers and magazines, as well as on the social media channels, which supported the online presence of Kleresca® and caused growth of the company’s social media profiles.

In only 12 months, more than 150 articles were published, online and on print editions, as well as a few interviews on local TV programs.