Press Office for Public Administrations and Associations in Italy

Today, the communication of a Public Administration is the focal point of effective projects and initiatives. Whether it be within a small town, large university or ministry, despite their diversity their point of view in relation to communication traits is the same. This view consists public and media audiences being dependent on the communication of Public Administration.

Based on the importance of a Public Administration communication project, the reason for the message presented and the way in which it is provided needs to be carefully and professionally studied. This consideration is necessary due to the fact that an echo is bound to occur.

Although the publications from Administrations are highly viewed, they often struggle to obtain space on significant media that aren’t close to the reference. For example, a medium sized town will struggle to present a valid project on national media, and will have less difficulties obtaining a publication on their local newspaper.

In addition, all of these entities can easily become a crisis situation: the scandal of corruption, dependent on a work accident, the challenge of a certain project.

Last but not least, all of these institutions must take into account a set of political dynamics and the internal balances of an organization. All of these factors must be understood and managed, even from a communication point of view.

There are a number of very complex dynamics that come with the management of media relations for a Public Administration. DAG Communication has learned to master each dynamic and understand the difference between each: