Events for Businesses, Organizations, and Associations in Italy

DAG Communication is able to support businesses, organizations,  and associations to organize various business to business (BtoB) and business to consumer (BtoC) events. The objective of DAG Communication is to create ‘eccentric events’ or events that are able to amplify the scope of a message over many places during a specific time. Generally, within these events implementation, optimization and value of investments are made.

Thanks to a network of established expert partners, we are able to create ‘key in hand’ projects, that provide the design and implementation, coordination of suppliers and the implementation of all related communication aspects.

Normally the creation of an event assumes a work process with considerable client interaction, as a result the following has been structured:

  • Design of event concept and key messages
  • Identification and engagement of the speakers/guests/testimonials, and coordinated interviews
  • Creation of presentation material
  • Creation of communication support campaign and media planning
  • Selection and management of location
  • Organization of invitations
  • Supplier Management (room, photographers, print, video, technicians, etc.)
  • Secretary and accreditation

To give you an idea of the types of events we have created for our clients, below is a list of events DAG Communication has organized over the years:

  • Ormco: First Congress Damon Italia
  • European Commission: Single market week – Congress in Milan and Genoa for the twentieth anniversary of Mercato Unico
  • Chamber of Commerce Milan- Mediterranean Week: an event dedicated to the cooperation of the countries bordering the Mediterranean
  • Fiera Milano Congress – Reatech Italy: the first event in Italy dedicated to people with disabilities
  • Assores (Italian Association of Studies, Research and Selection Company): Annual meeting
  • Avenance – Elior Group: Presentation to business partners in Italy/Press conference with the media and financial sector
  • Polytechnic of Milan: Project presentation Mesa to political and social institutions (Civil Protection. EU Region, municipalities, etc.)
  • Cefriel: Organization Dinner with delegated administrators of member for the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the foundation
  • Zwilling: Presentation to retailers (wedding lists, distribution chains, shops, etc.) for the company’s launch in Italy
  • Young Entrepreneurs Assolombarda: event training on the staff and the elegance