The crisis of the print industry is evident but seeing it in the numbers is impressive. The ADS data certify that a newspaper of national relevance such as Corriere della Sera has increased from 632.667 copies in 2018 to 278.389 in 2019. La Repubblica, the second Italian newspaper, rose from 580.542 copies in 2008 to 206.936 in 2018. Il Sole 24 Ore, which became the third italian newspaper, is the one that lost but less than the big magazines, going from 323.092 copies in 2008 to 167.257 in 2018. Il Sole 24 Ore has also surpassed Gazzetta dello Sport, which last year sold an average of 147.788 copies. The sales decrease between 2008 and 2018 shows a clear publishing crisis, mainly due to the advent of digital. The collapse of advertising investments in newspapers becomes a consequence of a world increasingly characterized by technology.