The  Consorzio ReMedia is one of the most important Italian collective systems for the collection, recycling, and recovery of RAEE, Batteries and Accumulators and Photovoltaic exhausted at the end of life.


DAG Communication was responsible for four years of digital activities for the consortium that came to fruition in the opening and management of CircuitiVerdi.it, a blog devoted to “green hi – tech”, and official channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube).

In particular, to increase the interest and interaction with fans and followers, about the different social channels and ad hoc specific activities targettizzate editorial calendars have been developed in line with the reporting objectives of the consortium (corporate, BtoB and BtoC) and different audiences, while maintaining coordinated across an image that would facilitate brand recognition.

  • Linkedin: this channel has been entrusted corporate communications, with companies in the consortium and with industry professionals. It was the company’s page, but also created a group that posting content professionial and technical and legislative updates, as well as news on the various initiatives of the consortium, stimulate the debate on the theme of “green ICT”, the recycling of materials and the recovery of WEEE
  • Twitter: it was the main channel used to describe both the BtoB BtoC projects of the consortium, to report all the news in the sector and to create relationships with journalists and stake holder
  • Youtube: the official channel of the consortium was populated by both interviews with industry experts, both clips and commercials aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of proper disposal of electronic products, home appliances and batteries
  • Facebook: the consumer channel par excellence, has been used for numerous awareness campaigns and to spread the culture of recovery, recycling and proper disposal. Among the campaigns :
    • Green Ambassador: a great campaign that stimulated the users not only to ecological behavior but also themselves to be agents of change and the change process, receiving a coat of arms to be shown in their social channels and on their blog
    • Reciclometro: an app to measure rispaermio in CO2 , precious metals, etc. if you properly smatisce their RAEE
    • Comic Green: a series of comic strips theme Green ICT
    • Crucigreen : crosswords and word search in a tab dedicated fillable online on the words of Green ICT

    • Green English: a video course to discover all the English words related to Green ICT (by the name of household appliances, to words related to recycling and green)
    • How much are you green?: A test to find out how much you really know the subject of RAEE and green ICT
    • Rate this video: a preference collection system to rate the video produced by the schools on the theme “Action turns , we believe and we recycle them”
    • Play online: a series of online games in a dedicated tab for children and school children
    • RAEE Guide: a guide to clarify the ideas on how to properly dispose of RAEE in a dedicated tab