Golf is a sport in which a number of privileged relationships are created. With many hours spent on the course and numerous events occuring within the clubs, the social level of Golf players are quite high.

No wonder many companies focus their communication around golf in order to promote their products or services. In fact, many of the companies who are moving into this area consist of large multinational luxury cars, and smaller subjects who link local and targeted communication.

DAG Communication is able to support their clients with a diverse range of services. In particular DAG can assist companies with the following:

  • Organization of sports and sponsored golf tournaments
  • Finding opportunities for sponsorship techniques (ability to offer products such as awards in competitions)
  • Publication of commercials and videos directly at the golf club
  • Possibility of sponsorship for Golf Club of the Year Award (in partnership with
  • Research and sponsorship of national and international athletes

DAG Communication has gained a vast amount of experience and a number of consistent relationships over the past 17 years. In fact, DAG is the official editor of, the first website dedicated to golf in Italy (Alexa Ranking data).

Based on their past, DAG is confident in their ability to open many great opportunities and sponsorships for companies.