Do you recall in historical times the use of the ancient bartering system? If one individual had a cow, they would have been able to barter milk, butter or meat for something they needed more. This exchanging of goods or services for or necessities without use of money was quite successful.
Picture 3532We still believe this form of trading to be an astonishing idea. We know the customers of our client Italian Regina are their best ambassador! After tasting Italia Regina’s products, the advertising a consumer can provide is the most valuable insight into our products and brand that we could ever hope for.

Probably people are not aware of just how influential they can be!

Many of the relations that easily come to mind, can be the most influential! Think about friends, colleagues, neighbors, and parents for instance. There are many possibilities in order to get in touch with them in order to create hype about a product. For instance one can post on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, one can send emails, and can add a stickers on his own car or a poster in his windows, to spread the word of

What them will receive in return? Not a banal or a useless discount, but something more concrete and above all tastier.

As a thank you, Italia Regia will send them amazing Italian food for you can enjoy, for example perhaps a free bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a slice of Italian Parmisan, a tin of Pesto or  maybe Tomato sauce with a special pasta!

The results? 4800 followers on Twitter and more than 6.000 fans on Facebook in six months and many retweets, likes and so on…