Addictive Convention Events in Italy

The addictive convention, and events in general, are aimed at international communication and are important for the motivation of staff. In addition, they aim to reinforce the ties with those staff members who are away from the company, often in order to operate in the territory.

Some believe that, in order to have a successful convention it is necessarily to bring a lot away from Italy. However, this is often not how it is.

What matters most, is knowing how to create the right climate, ability to stimulate participation, and help participants to live in a different time from normal work. In order create the proper motivation for staff, we believe it is very important for all members of a company to be present at convention sessions where objectives and business strategies are presented in the most informal and playful manner. By creating a relaxed environment, this allows management to become more accessible to personal and staff.

Here are some suggestions:


In war there is no possibility to ask if the comrade is capable or not. Must defend, attack, survive. Camouflage, helmet and weaponry are the best way to experience unprecedented team building.



Who does not work, does not eat

It is often very easy to complain about work, long hours, and responsibilities. In this experience, the participants, stay in an amazing hotel on the coast and are invited to wake up before dawn to face the sea on a real fishing boat. The results of the trip will be served at lunch for the delight of everyone.


modaPersonal Image

Anyone who works in an institution, from the secretary to the CEO, the quality of work they produce is what builds the organization, but more immediately, their personal image. A playful practical course will be a fun and enriching stimulus to improve the individuals image and develop a greater awareness of the messages that are transmitted by their look.