When you want to capture the attention of a CEO, a normal event may not be enough.  With less available time comes less interest in classical events and conferences.

The role we play within a company is the most important aspect. With this said, we must be able to propose new experiences, drawing the attention of our target audience and offer strong motivation to participate.

Here are some of the proposals we offer to improve success:

moda2Personal Image:

Often, even for men, it isn’t easy to use ones image as a major communication tool. An event/course created by DAG involves theoretical points which allow stakeholders to experiment with the concept of elegance in all their typical life situations, from formal to informal.



mongolfiereChange of Perspective

A balloon trip is a unique experience that allows us to see things from many new angles. Although these perspectives aren’t visible in our skies, they hold a charm on their own. With a low number of passengers per trip, the creation of strong legal and unique experience is created.


orient3The Fascination of Time

Time has stimulated the imagination of many novelists and directors. The Orient Express is still a symbol of luxury travel, and can be used to host an event through the reservation of an entire wagon or some compartments.



claustra2In the Earth

A unique hotel, less than an hour from Milan, where you can organize seminars and meetings for a small number of guests away from prying eyes. The hotel is equipped with every comfort and is developed entirely in the earth of the Swiss mountains.



aston-martinAston Martin

Th pleasure of driving an Aston Martin is something for connoisseurs. Imagine the thrill of a rally with these mechanical jewels on the Gavia Pass or the Tuscan Hills. An invitation that is hard to refuse.