Mediterranean Week

The Company

‘Mediterranean Week’ was an event sponsored by Milan’s Chamber of Commerce to spread the culture of integration and promote the social and cultural dialogue through the experience of music, colour, flavours, images and stories of the different civilizations that face the Mediterranean. During the festival, more than 30 meetings were held in the forms of exhibitions, films, conferences, shows, and tastings all with free entry at Giureconsulti Palace in Milan.

The challenge was addressing, organizing and promoting these complex events with national importance to the general public in less than 45 days. The ‘Mediterranean Week’ was an event of national importance, as a manifestation of the preparation of citizens in the Fifth Annual Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Laboratory, which was attended by, among others, the Prime Minister Romano Prodi, Minister of International Trade Emma Bonino and the Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

Activities and Results

DAG has collaborated with the Promo-Est (parent company of the event that has been mandated by the Chamber of Commerce) to organize the individual events, create an agenda coordinating the presence of various parties involved, while also promoting through significant press offices. However, there has been no advertising for questions related to the budget. In particular, DAG has done the following:

Creation of agenda and guidelines for meetings, seminars and shows

Organizing meetings, seminars and events: contact with speakers, managing their needs, checking the availability of rooms and tools provided by the Chamber of Commerce at the venue of the event, which this year was held in Palazzo Giureconsulti, Milano, in via dei Mercanti Preparation of publicity material related to the event and spread in strategic points of the leaflets.

Promotion activities: relations with journalists to provide media coverage of the event, management of interviews and contacts between journalists and presenters, coordination of the flow of visitors

The public presence was large and enthusiastic, despite the climate of Torrito in July. The media presence, was significant and concentrated on the days preceding the event. There have been posts in major national newspapers, websites, on TV and radio, speaking about the event several times a week. Others including Ansa (sent present during each day of the event), Reuters, The Republic, The New York Times, The Day, Free, The Journal, Money, Avvenire, Metro, Leggo, 24 minutes, TGR, Telepace, Telelombardia, Telenova, Vatican Radio, Circuito Marconi, and Radio Popolare also spoke of the event.