The Company

As global leader in deep-frozen potato production, McCain has the mission of offering consumers the best potatoes with the highest quality and value. McCain is worldwide, being the main producer of deep-frozen French fries and potato dishes, selling their products in supermarkets and restaurants on 6 continents, in 160 countries and counting more than 20.000 employees.

McCain is also the premium brand for the sale of deep-frozen potatoes in Italy. With its presence on the Chanel Food Service for more than 30 years, the company entered the Chanel Retail in 2002.

Today McCain offers more than 20 delicious products as French fries and potato-based specialties. The products for the Italian market are high quality and are produced in France, Belgium and Holland using carefully selected potatoes from northern Europe.

Activities and Results

DAG Communication oversees the communication activities for McCain, working with influencers and on social media, mainly Facebook and Instagram. DAG Communication was selected as the agency for the management of an international campaign in Italy. DAG is especially working on the editorial planning of the posts, sponsoring and ADV planning, Community Management and operating Italian user requests and problems.

Further, DAG manages the reporting of the sentiments on the social media channels and the translation and adaptation of the texts into Italian.

Additionally, DAG is running an Influencer Marketing campaign for the company, to amplify the brand’s and the products’ presence by promotion through micro and macro influencers.