The Company is the first platform in Italy dedicated to young people under 25 with 3 million visitors per month. A focus of is to provide teenagers values and positive ideals to identify with, through every life situation, supporting and stimulating a harmonic formation of their personality. Therefore, the platform offers innovative communication services to teenagers and opinion leaders promoting through influencers, journalists and reference operators a positive and more realistic picture of adolescents, which is less stereotypical. The site offers a wide diversity of headings and topics: from music to entertainment, from school to concerts, from beauty to social networks and heart affairs (which obviously cannot be missed). The style, the chosen content and the way of approaching topics is very different from what you see in printed editions.

Activities and Results

DAG Communication started to work on in 2000, the year the platform was founded. Since then, the agency has been in charge of the creation and administration of the site, building different headings for the lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, technology, travel and school sectors and running the social media accounts, in particular Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.