The Company

The brand-new Eataly pizza is a creation by Francesco Pompilio, who perfected the dough, the duration of baking and the topping of the pizza. During this process, Pompilio received support from Executive Chef Enrico Panero, flour manufacturer Fulvio Marino and pizza expert at Slow Food Italia Antonio Puzzi.

Exclusive Italian, stone grounded, organic Flour; Dough made using the “indirect” method, which takes at least 50 hours of leavening and ensures digestibility and flavor; A high level of hydration (70% of water) to guarantee a soft texture on the inside of the pizza and the formation of air bubbles during baking, which makes the crust crunchy and is a known sign for quality; A duration of 3 and a half minutes in a “Marana” wood-burning oven with rotating platform at 330 degrees: these are the secrets behind the Eataly pizza. To fulfill this dish, the toppings are selected Italian products, with a certification by Slow Food, which are all provided by producers that have a consolidated relationship of collaboration and trust with Eataly. 

Activities and Results

DAG Communication has followed the Company for the launch of the Eataly pizza, creating a well-structured communication campaign that included media relation activities, events, press conferences, interviews and press tours. The programmed schedule started with a press conference at Eataly Smeraldo in Milan to announce the launch of the campaign. The conference was then followed by the Pizza Week Event “Settimana della Pizza” that was opened to the public, the event “Impronte di pizza”, a pizza symposium in Rome with the greatest masters of Italian pizza making  and a launching event for the Eataly pizza in Genova in collaboration with a charity initiative for the Giannina Gaslini Institute called “Una pizza buona due volte”.

During this process DAG Communication supported Eataly especially for the event series “Giro d’Italia in 10 pizze” – A tour of Italy through 10 pizzas – opened to the public, which took place at the Eataly shops all over Italy. The roadshow had the purpose of presenting the typical regional pizzas created in collaboration with Slow Food. Further, DAG organized tasting events for selected local Journalists and Influencers and one-to-one interviews with the Master pizzaiolo of Eataly, Francesco Pompilio.

The activities included media relations marketing, the communication with Journalists and Influencers and the creation of editorial content. The work resulted in a total of 350 articles, published online, printed, on TV and on the radio.