The Company is a website dedicated to everyone who is passionate about sports. The platform focuses not only on football, but also on tennis, volleyball, basketball, ski, cycling, athletics, rugby, American football, equitation, golf and sailing, giving them the informational dignity they deserve.

Today, apart from, the editor Smiling runs the platforms and Through news, interviews, technical details and reviews, the websites aim to offer an overview of the spectacular performances from all the great champions and, at the same time, to be close to those who practice the sport on a less professional level, but with the same passion and dedication. claims to be a big “sports party” for everyone, from professionals to beginners of every age.

Activities and Results

DAG Communication created and managed the websites of and, references to everything related to equitation and golf.

Furthermore, DAG has followed the planning of the editorial plans (focusing on sports and lifestyle) and the promotion of the two platforms through Media Relations activities and Social Media Marketing.