Founded in 1988, CEFRIEL, Center of Excellence for Innovation, Research and Training in Information & Communication Technology, is a consortium company that operates with a multidisci-plinare approach and starting from the needs of the company, integrating the results of the research, the best technologies available on the market, emerging standards and the reality of industrial processes, to innovate and implement new products, services or processes.


Activities and Results


The relationship of collaboration between DAG Communication and Cefriel was born in 2002 when DAG was just 2 years old and the core business of CEFRIEL consisted mainly in the training of excellence provided through a series of Masters in the ICT field. Since then many things have changed, CEFRIEL has become a center of innovation that makes projects with companies and is maintained without a priori funds from the public but with orders on the market, the agency has grown and refined its ability to deal with issues complexes through multifocal lenses.

At the same time, the communication of Cefriel has changed, evolving from pure communication of the project into a higher communication that has attested the center, in the person of its CEO, Alfonso Fuggetta, as a opinion leader able to give the vision on the trends of future, as well as its perspective on political choices in the technological field. Symptomatic of this change is the fact that we moved from a push communication in which we had to chisel the news to offer the media something interesting and tailor-made, to a pull communication in which the media were to request the particular point of view of Cefriel. The path to this has gone through the slow and patient construction of the center’s reputation through the enhancement of its initiatives and projects, and the creation of relationships of mutual esteem and trust with the press.