American Hardwood

The Company

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is the leading international trade association for the U.S. hardwood industry, representing the committed U.S. hardwood exporters and the major U.S. hardwood product trade associations. AHEC runs a worldwide programme to promote the full range of American hardwoods in over 50 export markets.

Activities and Results

We are in charge of all the media relations in Italy for Ahec and social media marketing. We promote the use and the knowledge of the American Hardwood with press releases, interviews, white paper, engaging both the design and architecture media and the daily newspaper, Tv and Radio, with a special focus on online media and bloggers. We work building relations with big Italian brands: furniture producers, architecs, designers, real estate companies. A special focus was on the big event “Along the Lines of Happiness” realized for Interni Open Borders during the Design Week in Milan