Family-owned Producer Adding Products, Expanding U.S. Distribution

 Unlike Domestic Brands Touting “Italian Recipe,” Authentic Ham and Salami Imported from Italy


Correggio, Emilia, Italy, April 2018 – Veroni, the legendary Italian producer of cured ham, salumi and other fresh, sliced meats, is expanding its distribution of 100% Italian products in the United States.
Most so-called Italian cured meats sold in the United States are produced domestically, often marketed as “Italian recipe” or “Italian style;” Veroni, by contrast, is one of a handful of producers whose high standards for quality, safety and purity enable it to sell authentically ​​Italian cured meat imported from Italy for sale in the United States.
Veroni’s product line includes Mortadella, Dry-Cured Ham, Cooked Ham, Salami, Coppe And Pancetta, Speck, and Bresaola. Veroni products are available thinly sliced in resealable plastic packages.
“When we opened our headquarters in Logan, New Jersey, in 2015, we had a very clear goal: to offer the American market not only a quality product made from an Italian recipe, but a 100% authentic Italian product,” said Antonio Corsano, CEO of Veroni Inc USA. “Undertaking this effort was a risk for a family-owned company like ours, but so far our loyal consumers and distributors are proving us right: in just the first quarter of 2018 our sales increased by 25% over the same period of 2017.”
With some 40 distinct products now available in supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide, Veroni expects to achieve even faster sales growth for the balance of the year.
Veroni was founded in 1925 by the five Veroni brothers, whose shop in the small town of Correggio was famous for the quality of its handmade Mortadella, salami and hams. Organized as Fratelli Veroni, the family-owned company steadily expanded, earning a reputation throughout Italy as a producer of the highest quality cured meats. Today, Fratelli Veroni s.p.a. operates seven production facilities in the Emilia Romagna region of central Italy.
Under the management of the family’s fourth generation, the company maintains the high standards set by its founders, carefully balancing tradition with technological innovation. According to Francesco Veroni, the current president and a great-grandson of the company’s founder, the goal is to use the most advance production and transportation technology while staying true to the traditional quality of the product. “In our seven state-of-the-art plants, we subject the cured meats to the HPP (high pressure processing) treatment to eliminate bacteria, then ship at a controlled temperature to the United States where the products are sliced and packaged in sterile rooms at our Logan headquarters facility.”  This allows Veroni to provide the widest variety of product and packaging alternatives while protecting the organoleptic properties of the finished meats, “all produced in strict compliance with the most stringent modern safety and health parameters.”

Certified Safe
Veroni adheres to strict voluntary standards set by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and the IFS (International Food Standard), which encompass all aspects of sanitary food production. The company has an EMAS environmental certification with the aim of continuously reducing its environmental impact, and a sophisticated Quality Management System (SGS-Accredia) to ensure that its products meet the high expectations of its customers, both in Italy and abroad. The facilities where meats are produced for export to the United States are USDA-certified.


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