Thanks to the rich selection of 100% Italian cold cuts, Veroni offers American consumers a quick, low fat and tasty alternative for pleasant and stress-free dinners

The festive season is increasingly a sequence of lunches and dinners with friends, family, colleagues, business partners and clients. Although these can be enjoyable, especially if spent with the right people, they can also be stressful both for those who receive an invitation to another “demanding” dinner and for those who decide to host one or more events at home to exchange greetings. To ease the pressure of the festive season, Veroni Salumi proposes a light, fast and appetizing solution that has been a popular trend in Italy for some years: the “apericena”.
“Apericena” the new engaging trend
The term apericena, born from the union of the Italian words “aperitivo” (aperitif) and “cena” (dinner), indicates an informal evening meal in which tapas-style food is offered, accompanied by wine or cocktails.
In the Italian tradition, the undisputed stars of the apericena are the cold cuts, from classic prosciutto to fragrant mortadella with pistachios and succulent porchetta, to be combined with cheeses, vegetables and baked goods: a real gourmet touch that will surprise guests and that is also easily available in American stores thanks to the wide range of Veroni products.

An easy way to prepare a low fat “pro” dinner even in just 15 minutes, thanks to the “cutting board” mode, will make the meeting less tiring both for guests (who will not have to wait hours to eat and can enjoy the time spent together) and for those who have to host the evening.
It is also an elegant and uncompromising solution for those who can devote a little more time to the preparation with more artistic presentations or recipes that can vary depending on the season and the occasion, such as cubed frittata or cotechino with lentils.

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