A new innovative system will allow American consumers to discover the path that the products have taken before arriving at their table, from breeding to slicing.

 New “ready to eat” products, such as bresaola, oil and Grana cheese, salami and breadsticks or roasted pancetta, will guide the Americans to discover the secrets of the aperitif ritual


Correggio, Emilia, Italy, June 2018 – New gastronomic proposals, innovation to track products and also offer American consumers complete transparency on the origin of products. The first six months of 2018 have rewarded Veroni with successes in the American market at the main food trade events both in Italy and in the United States with a trend of growth on the American market, which recorded a +50% compared to the same period of last year.
Veroni, supported by the Italian cooperation ProSus, has developed an innovative QR Code system that allows access to accurate information on the product ensuring complete traceability of the supply chain: from the breeding to the processing plant, up to those involved in the final stages of slicing.
“An innovative project that allows us to be transparent and to dialogue with the American market, which is often offered products that propose to be made in Italy but are in fact not. We want to be able to offer American users, as well as buyers, the opportunity to personally verify the great work behind our products, to explain in practice what makes our salami unique in both taste and quality for almost 100 years “, says Antonio Corsano, CEO of Veroni US.
Veroni has met American buyers in Parma and New Orleans within the last two months and the news of the Veroni house have attracted interest and enthusiasm among the insiders, confirming that the efforts to bring an authentic Italian product to the American market is rewarded and understood.
“The excellent results obtained are really a great incentive to continue to innovate and create products of the highest quality but also easy to use”, continued Corsano. “In particular, the desire to know and try the ‘true Italian aperitif’ is growing in the United States. This is the response of the three new products we are presenting: Italian cooked ham, spicy Calabrian salami and Italian ham, all easy to consume immediately for a snack or to be served as an aperitif in the practical cubed variety. We have also presented complete ready-to-eat products such as salami and breadsticks or the “seasoned” bresaola with oil, vinegar and parmesan flakes, an Italian classic, which combines flavor and adequate caloric intake or even the tasty roasted pancetta, a new proposal for the taste of the US market, which has been welcomed very positively”.
With this expansion of the proposals, it is planned to consolidate Veroni presence in the shelves of the American distributors in a more widespread manner by the end of the year.

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